RNC - ICYMI: How Obamacare will hurt my small business

Small business owner Keith Murphy is not alone. He describes a situation that many business owners are dealing with: being forced to make massive cuts just to support Obamacare. After thoughtfully breaking down the new law, this line says it all:

If I am forced down this road for the sake of my business's survival, it will have a devastating impact on my employees, many of whom count on working full-time hours to pay their rent, support their children and pay their college tuition.”

When Mitt Romney becomes president, he will work with Democrats and Republicans, put the interests of the American people first, and deliver the real recovery and affordable health care President Obama could only promise. We know he can do it because he’s done it before in business and as Governor of Massachusetts. Voters face a big choice in this election to change our country’s course. President Obama did inherit a troubled economy, but his misguided policies and broken promises have let down millions of Americans.