Romney For President - Sharon Carson and Chuck Morse Hold "We Can't Afford Four More Years" Post-Debate Event In Concord

Concord, NH – State Senators Sharon Carson and Chuck Morse will hold a “We Can’t Afford Four More Years” post-debate press conference to discuss Governor Mitt Romney’s performance in tonight’s debate.

This election is a choice between two very different visions for our nation's future - and that choice will be on full display at the debate tonight.  Yesterday in Charlotte, Vice President Biden made a stunning admission when he said the “middle class … has been buried in the last four years.” He’s right, President Obama’s policies have “buried” middle class Granite Staters and they cannot afford four more years of the last four years.  Governor Romney is offering a chance for a real recovery with pro-growth policies that reform our tax code, foster upward mobility, and deliver more jobs and take-home pay. 

After Gov. Romney lays out his plan for a stronger middle class tonight, Senators Sharon Carson and Chuck Morse will promote these ideals and help lay out the choice that Granite Staters face in November.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012:

Event:                                   Concord Press Conference

Location:                             Concord Legislative Office Building

                                            33 North State Street

                                            Concord, NH


Time:                                    1:00 PM EDT


Who:                                     State Senator Sharon Carson

                                              State Senator Chuck Morse