Political Headlines - October 5, 2012

Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Romney's side recharged; Obama team recalculating: Advisers in both camps were surprised by Wednesday's debate and Romney's solid performance, causing the Obama team to rethink strategy and the Republican team to reload. More from reporters Brian MacQuarrie and Brian Mooney.


  • Questions on Romney's proposal to cap tax deductions: Long criticized by the Obama campaign, Democrats and others for not explaining how he would pay for the huge income tax cut he has proposed, Romney said during the debate he would consider a limit on deductions. Political reporter Alan Wirzbicki and correspondent Callum Borchers detail.


  • Both candidates left out context in first debate: President Obama and Mitt Romney brought plenty of statistics to the first debate, but both often stretched the truth or omitted important context. Political correspondent Callum Borchers and business reporter Beth Healy break it down.



  • Black clergy in Boston endorse Warren: Some of Boston's most prominent African-American ministers came out to support Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren yesterday, reports State House reporter Michael Levenson.