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Two weeks ago, the state board of education denied every charter school application before them citing a financial problem that didn’t exist. Further their action circumvented legislation and calls into question whether they should be permitted to continue in their role as the state authorizingagency for charter schools. Their bad actions can be fixed and they should do so immediately as a gesture of good faith to both the legislature itself and the charter school community in New Hampshire... Click here to keep reading


Pease Golf Course turns Profit by Avoiding Debt

State Golf Course Actually Run Like a Business

While municipally-owned golf courses in Concord and Manchester are leaning on taxpayers to cover for losses, the publicly-owned Pease Golf Course continues to turn a profit. Click here to keep reading

Debates and Charter Schools

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott break down the latest debate between Ovide Lamontagne and Maggie Hassan, covering Medicare, Medicaid, and charter schools, in this NH Watchdog on WGIR Podcast. Click here to listen.

Final Analysis: Pension Fund sees 0.9% Return

Revised upward from preliminary 0.7% Return

The New Hampshire Retirement System announced Friday that the pension fund posted a 0.9% gain for Fiscal Year 2012. Preliminary estimates had projected a 0.7% gain, but upon the final calculation for the fund’s real estate and alternative assets, the rate of return was revised upward. Click here to keep reading.