Lamontagne Statement on Voter Registration Lawsuit

Manchester, NH – Ovide Lamontagne, candidate for Governor, released the following statement today concerning the ongoing lawsuit by out of state college students seeking to vote in New Hampshire.  The New Hampshire Supreme Court set today as the deadline for filing briefings in the case:
"Like all New Hampshire voters, I want to know my ballot is counted and that it is weighed equally among other New Hampshire residents.  Allowing literally anyone to come into the state on Election Day, declare domicile, and cast a ballot, as the previous law did, cheapens the ballots cast by legitimate New Hampshire voters.
"Sen. Hassan has repeatedly opposed efforts to secure the ballot box.  She has opposed asking voters for any form of identification before they register or obtain a ballot; she opposed legislation to strengthen penalties for voter fraud; and she opposed a bill making voter affidavits public for verification purposes.
"We welcome residents from any state who recognize the quality of life we have here in New Hampshire and seek to make the Granite State their home.  In so doing, they agree to abide by our laws and are Constitutionally guaranteed the right to vote in our elections – no one is disputing that right.  On the other hand, temporary visitors who do not plan to remain in the state and are unwilling to agree to abide by our laws should not be permitted to cast a ballot in our elections - they should instead avail themselves of the absentee ballot process and vote in their home state."