Concord, NH- In a recent email from Lee Nyquist to other lawyers, he told them he is running for office to "advocate inside the Senate for our courts, our clients and our future clients." Not only does this amount to a massive legislative conflict of interest, but the email was sent from his law firm email address confirming that conflict.

"It's obvious that Nyquist won't work for the voters who he is asking to elect him," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "The voters are getting a chance to see the real Lee Nyquist, and this shows blatant intent that Nyquist plans to use the office of State Senator for his and his company's gain. The voters should know when the person asking for their vote is beholden to special interests and not to his constituents. Nyquist should prove to the voters he is not trying to sell his State Senate office, and give back all his donations from trial lawyers."

NH Journal: Nyquist tells law pals he's running to help 'our clients and our future clients'