Smith to head up effort on Constitutional Question Banning an Income Tax


Smith to head up effort on Constitutional Question Banning an Income Tax

Ballot Question #1 Would Prohibit Enacting an Income Tax as Part of the State Constitution

Concord – Today, former gubernatorial candidate, Kevin Smith, announced that he will be heading up an effort between now and the November election to educate the voters about the importance of passing ballot question #1, a constitutional amendment which would prohibit an income tax from ever being enacted.  Smith, who was joined by both elected officials and grassroots activists from around the state, said the effort will consist of  both an aggressive grassroots campaign aimed at educating and turning out voters on this issue in November, as well as some paid media, through the No Income Tax PAC, to bring about more awareness to the issue.  Smith also noted that three former governors will also be serving as Honorary Co-Chairmen of the effort: Governor John H. Sununu, Governor Stephen Merrill, and Governor Craig Benson.

Speaking to reporters today, Smith made the following remarks:

"I am happy to be spearheading this effort to educate the voters about the importance of passing ballot question number one, which would forever take off the table any talk of implementing a broad-based income tax in our state.  Every legislative session, liberal politicians seem to keep bringing up this issue despite the fact that New Hampshire's economy has weathered many economic storms much better than surrounding states because of the fact that we do not have a broad-based sales or income tax.  To that end, I look forward to working with grassroots activists from around the state over the next month to ensure that when the voters head to the polls this November, we send any notion of ever having an income tax in New Hampshire to the ash heap of history by passing question one."

Also issuing a statement, was former New Hampshire Governor, John H. Sununu:

"New Hampshire has long enjoyed an important economic advantage by not having a broad based tax. Furthermore, our lack of an income tax has also had the important effect of preventing state government from growing too fast at the expense of local control. One of the wonderful assets of New Hampshire is that we have maintained the power and involvement of our citizens in community governance by keeping significant control of our tax base within our towns and cities. I believe that adding a prohibition of an income tax to our Constitution will strengthen our capacity to preserve that community based character of New Hampshire."

 The constitutional amendment question #1 will read as follows on the ballot this November:

Constitutional Amendment Proposed by the 2012 General Court

1.  “Are you in favor of amending the second part of the constitution by inserting after article 5-b a new article to read as follows: [Art.] 5-c. [Income Tax Prohibited.]  Notwithstanding any general or special provision of this constitution, the general court shall not have the power or authority to impose and levy any assessment, rate, or tax upon income earned by any natural person; however, nothing in this Article shall be construed to prohibit any tax in effect January 1, 2012, or adjustment to the rate of such a tax.”  (Passed by the N.H. House 256 Yes 110 No; Passed by State Senate 19 Yes 4 No) CACR 13  Yes  No