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Dear Friends,


This week, I was honored with an endorsement from the National Commission on Financial Responsibility and Reform co-chairs, Democrat Erskine Bowles, the former Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton, and Republican Alan Simpson, a Former Senator from Wyoming.


In their letter they state, "Charlie Bass put partisanship aside and stepped forward to make the tough decisions our nation needs. He is a brave leader who deserves the thanks of everyone who really cares about our nation's future. It is for these reasons Charlie Bass has earned our endorsement and we urge you to support him as your Representative in New Hampshire."


I am honored to be the first candidate this year to receive their joint endorsement, and look forward to continuing to be a leader in efforts to increase working across party lines to solve our nations greatest problems.




On the Trail...


Join Team Bass for some door-to door this weekend and help to get out Charlie's message of fiscal discipline to the voters of Nashua!


Nashua Door-to-Door

Sunday, 9:00 am

Meet at the Target Parking Lot

600 Amherst Street, Nashua


Please email if you are able to join us!


From the Papers...


Letters in support of Charlie are appearing in papers all across the district! This powerful show of public support is important to our campaign and we appreciate everyone who takes the time to write a letter in support of Charlie. We would like to share a few here...


Union Leader:

Rep. Charlie Bass stands up for senior citizens


As election day grows near, I have begun to ask myself which candidates will be supporting seniors if elected to office. One candidate that I know will be supporting seniors is Congressman Charlie Bass.


Charlie Bass has vowed not to change benefits for anyone 55 years and older, but is also working to protect the programs for future generations. Through his support of the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles commission of deficit reduction, Charlie has shown that he is serious about working with both sides of the aisle. Rather than kick the can down the road, Charlie Bass is facing these problems head on, and protecting seniors from potentially dangerous cuts to Social Security and Medicare.


The recent health care law cuts billions from Medicare Advantage and we need leadership who won't watch on the sidelines as Washington forgets all that seniors have contributed over the years. Thank you, Charlie Bass, for sticking up for seniors when it matters most, and I will be proud to vote for you this November.


Katherine Metzger, Fitzwilliam


Sentinel Source:
Charlie Bass has focused on economy


Everyone has an issue they feel to be most important to this country. I feel we need to get this country back in the right fiscal direction. While we can continue to point fingers as to what caused this $16 trillion mess in which we find ourselves, one person has worked diligently to focus as to how we can work our way out.


Congressman Bass helped author the only bipartisan budget plan based on the Simpson Bowles Commission that would reduce our deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years by cutting $3 trillion in spending, and generating $1 trillion in new revenue through comprehensive tax reform.


Thank you, Charlie, for focusing on what really matters. Congressman Charlie Bass has my vote.


Bobbie Coffin, Hancock


If you'd like to write a letter to the editor in support of Charlie and would like our assistance with how best to submit it, please email or call us at 603.226.6000.


Volunteer of the Week...

Meet Pat! Pat is from Concord and is a proud husband and father. Pat can be found either delivering signs or joining our team for our Tuesday night phone banks. Pat is always just a call away and we thank Pat for being such a dedicated volunteer! We are proud to name Pat as our Volunteer of the Week!