Heritage - Trickle Down Government

The first 2012 presidential debate raised a number of questions on domestic policy, so the Heritage team responded in real time on Twitter with expert commentary. Read Romina Boccia's fact-checking blog post addressing ten claims made in the debate. The underlying theme of the conservative arguments is that expanding government is not the solution, it’s the problem. Despite the slightly improved unemployment rate, 12.1 million Americans are still out of work. Economist J.D. Foster explains the curiously large drop in unemployment from 8.1% to 7.8% in the most recent BLS jobs report

Government Shouldn't Pick Winners and Losers

The Department of Energy's "investments" of taxpayer dollars in companies that have gone bankrupt was made famous on Wednesday night. Energy expert Nick Loris makes the case for eliminating federal energy subsidies

Dismantling Welfare Reform

Just a few years after welfare reform was enacted the welfare caseload was cut in half, employment rates and earnings among single mothers soared, and the program worked well. The Obama administration declared that states no longer need to comply with the world requirement in an edict that is not in compliance with the letter or spirit of the law. Read Robert Rector's paper to learn just how harmful these changes are.

School Teacher Films Himself in a "Rubber Room"

Investigative reporter Lachlan Markay covers the story of a schoolteacher in New York who has created a live online video stream of himself being paid $75,000 to do no work.  Each year in New York hundreds of schoolteachers accused of misconduct have their teaching privileges indefinitely revoked. Since the teachers are not allowed in the classroom they are compelled to report to an off-campus location called a “rubber room.” To learn more about the subject watch the Moving Picture Institute’s documentary “Rubber Room.”

Capturing Hearts & Minds Through Film

Movie reviewer Movieguide attests to the power of media to transform the culture. Grab a friend and visit the theater this month to enjoy a record number of films with an explicitly conservative message. Here's an abbreviated list of films and their subject matter: