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What a week for Democrats!  During the debate this week, the President spoke directly to voters about his vision for an economy that grows from the middleout, while Mitt Romney lied about his plans and doubled down on the same bad ideas that crashed the economy. 


In New Hampshire, Ovide Lamontagne and Maggie Hassan debated three times across the state.  As the Nashua Telegraph said, Ovide "distanced himself from his past support for the state to manage Medicare coverage for seniors."  He can try to backtrack all he wants, but the fact is that Ovide supports a state takeover of Medicare, championed by the likes of Paul Ryan and Speaker Bill O'Brien.


Meanwhile, Maggie Hassan called to protect and strengthen Medicare and detailed her plans to move New Hampshire forward, building on Governor Lynch's progress.


We are just over one month away from the election - and less than a week from the first Presidential Debate on October 3 - and we need your help now more than ever to restore common sense to Concord and Washington.  


Poll after poll show Democrats leading Republicans up and down the ticket.  Now is when we need your help more than ever to knock on doors, make phone calls and give all that you can to help Democrats carry the day on November 6.



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2012 Jefferson Jackson Celebration  
Executive Court Banquet Facility  
10/26/2012 at 6:00 PM  
1199 South Mammoth Road  
RSVP and buy tickets HERE



Monday, October 8


Nashua Democrats Meeting 
Nashua Public Library 


Tuesday, October 9 


Antrim-Bennington Candidate Forum - Senate District 8 
Antrim Town Hall 


Haverhill Public Forum with Bob Lamb 
Horse Meadow Senior Center
North Haverhill
Contact Dave Lam at   


Concord Democrats Meeting 
NHDP Headquarters 
105 N. State Street 


Deering Democrats Meeting 
Town Hall 


Wednesday, October 10 


Franklin Ladies Auxiliary Candidates Night 
Franklin VFW Hall 
Please contact Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh at 934-3375. 


Plymouth Public Forum with Bob Lamb 
Pease Public Library Plymouth   
Thursday, October 11 


Farmington Democrats 
Recreation Department

Vice Presidential Debate

Friday, October 12 
Strafford County Victory Dinner 
Governor's Inn  
Saturday, October 13
Coos County Truman Dinner
Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa

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Statewide Offices

Democrats across the state are firing on all cylinders - organizing to win in November and bring about commonsense solutions for the middle class.

Look for a local office in your neck of the woods: 

149 Pleasant Street
Claremont, NH


105 North State St.

2nd Floor
Concord, NH

Staff Contact: Samantha Dakoulas (


660 Central Ave.
Dover, NH

Staff Contact: Sara Moe (


294 West St.
Keene, NH

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228 Maple St. Fl 3
Manchester, NH

Staff Contact: Kate Malloy (


97 Main St.
Nashua, NH

Staff Contact: Alysha Tierney (


125 Brewery Ln.
Portsmouth, NH

Staff Contact: Bay Scoggin (


85 Mechanic St.
Lebanon, NH

Staff Contact: Rob Avruch (


6 Main Street
Unit A
Conway, NH

Staff Contact: Rebecca Levin (



134 Front Street
Exeter, NH

Staff Contact: Lucia Savchick (



202 Main Street

Unit G
Salem, NH

Staff Contact: Collin Lever (



571 Main Street

Laconia, NH

Staff Contact: Sarah Austino (


76 Grove Street

Peterborough, NH



612 Tenney Mountain Highway
Plymouth, NH



63 Hanson Street

Rochester, NH



Sign or Veto: Where Does Ovide Stand on His Friends' Extreme Ideas?


On the campaign trail, Ovide Lamontagne is trying to refuse to discuss his extreme positions on women's health care and other issues, claiming they are not "topical." But his friends in the legislature are already introducing bills aimed at putting place on severe restrictions on women's health care and have promised to keep up the fight to repeal marriage equality.


Legislation already filed in the house includes abortion bill that could potentially ban abortion in the first trimester, and force women to undergo unnecessary and invasive transvaginal ultrasounds.  


Lamontagne has already promised to defund Planned Parenthood if elected and has signed the radical Cornerstone "Families First Pledge."  Cornerstone's 26-item agenda includes a dozen pieces of proposed legislation focused on taking away insurance coverage for birth control, repealing marriage equality and limiting abortion rights. Cornerstone has said that legislators are filing bills to enact this agenda, and that they expect the signers of their pledge - including Ovide Lamontagne - to enact their agenda.


Lamontagne also has said that he would "aggressively work" to repeal marriage equality.  Members of O'Briens House, who Ovide has praised and looks forward to working with, have made clear that this will again be a priority.


Recently, Republicans has been trying to backtrack or blatantly hide their extreme agenda items from the voters.  When presented with the facts about his support for Cornerstone, Lamontagne denied twice in 24-hours that he had never heard of the agenda and pledge which he signed.  Speaker O'Brien came under fire for trying to keep the names of bills filed for next term a secret until after the election.


We Need Your Help to Re-Take the State Senate


This week, WMUR released the latest Granite State Poll (pdf) which shows continued strength for Democrats in New Hampshire. 


 According to pollster Andy Smith of the University of New Hampshire:


Based on an evaluation of past "generic ballot" polling in New Hampshire and actual election results, these results would translate into 10 seats for Republican and 14 seats for Democrats.   


We are optimistic about these numbers, but know Senate Republicans will do anything to preserve their Tea Party majority and we must be prepared to stand up to their last minute attacks, dirty tricks, and attempts to mislead voters from their failed policies.   


All across New Hampshire, our State Senators and candidates are talking to voters about their vision to strengthen our middle class, provide a quality education to our children, and protect women's healthcare.  


As we saw from 2006 to 2010, a Democratic majority in the State Senate makes a real difference for the people of New Hampshire. 



Join Us at the Jefferson Jackson Celebration


On November 6, we have a chance to make history in New Hampshire by re-electing President Obama, sending Maggie Hassan to the Governor's Office, electing Carol Shea-Porter and Annie Kuster to Congress, and reclaiming our majorities in the State House, State Senate, and Executive Council.  But we need your help. 


Our annual Jefferson Jackson Celebration will be held on Friday, October 26.  Karl Rove and his allies can drop millions of dollars into New Hampshire over the coming five weeks to mislead voters about the failed Republican policies of Mitt Romney, Ovide Lamontagne, and Bill O'Brien.  We must be prepared to fight back and win on November 6.  Will you join us on October 26 at the Jefferson Jackson Celebration and help us make history on Election Day? 



Thousands of volunteers across New Hampshire are preparing to launch the biggest Get Out the Vote operation we've seen - knocking on doors, making phone calls, holding signs at the polls, and talking to our friends and neighbors.   Your support at the 2012 Jefferson Jackson Celebration will help their efforts as we work to make history in New Hampshire.



 Will you join us on October 26 at the Jefferson Jackson Celebration and help us make history on Election Day? 




New Web Video: Ovide's Radical Plan for Medicare

This week, we released a new web video about Ovide Lamontagne's efforts to distance himself for support of Paul Ryan's radcal plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program. 

Ovide Lamontagne has said that 'Paul Ryan has a great plan' and that he 'wants to work with Paul Ryan. But during a debate this week, he claimed that he did not support Paul Ryan's plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program.  

Either Ovide Lamontagne is not being honest with the voters of New Hampshire about his plans for Medicare, or he simply doesn't understand a plan that he has repeatedly said he supports.

Lamontagne supports block granting Medicare and allowing the state to control the critical health care program - a plan that has been called potentially destructive by the New Hampshire Committee on Aging. 

Watch the new video HERE.

New Hampshire Cannot Afford to Go "Even Further" with O'Brien's Extreme Agenda



Democratic House leaders this week said that New Hampshire voters cannot afford to go "even further" with the extreme Ovide-O'Brien agenda, as the speaker promised at the State GOP convention this weekend.


"New Hampshire can't afford to go 'much further' with the extreme Ovide-O'Brien agenda of ending universal public kindergarten, cutting state funding for public colleges and eliminating access to birth control and abortion," said House Democratic Leader Terie Noreli.


O'Brien's statements came during the GOP State Convention this weekend, where he received enthusiastic cheers with his promise that his legislature, if re-elected would go "even further" with their radical, out-of-touch agenda.  


Democrats called on the Speaker to come clean with the voters of New Hampshire and say what their "further" would mean for them.


"We can expect more efforts to dismantle our public schools - from repealing public kindergarten to lowering the dropout age," said House Assistant Deputy Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff. "We know we can expect another round of attacks on our workers - the Speaker himself filed the so-called "Right to Work" bill. We know we can expect more devastating cuts to assistance to our most venerable citizens. "


After public outcry and pressure, Speaker O'Brien reversed himself and made the bill proposals for the 2013 session public. I can understand why he didn't want the public to know what they were planning before Granite Staters stepped into the voting booths."


"Even further" could also include continued attacks on women's health care. This ideologically-extreme agenda item would completely eliminate funding for basic, preventive health care services (services such as access to birth control and cancer screenings) received by over 16,000 New Hampshire women, men, and families at Planned Parenthood health centers, some hospitals, and any health facilities that offer full reproductive health care.


"That's the choice in this election," said House Deputy Democratic Floor Leader Cindy Rosenwald.  "Will we go forward with the same type of bipartisan, problem-solving approach provided by Gov. John Lynch, or we can go backward with the extreme ideas of Ovide Lamontagne and Bill O'Brien, ideas that hurt our middle-class families and our economy."


"This is not the agenda the voters thought they were getting in 2010 and it's not the agenda that the people of New Hampshire want in 2012," said Rep. Shurtleff.

Say Goodbye to Speaker O'Brien

In 32 days, New Hampshire voters have a chance to once and for all say goodbye to Speaker Bill O'Brien and the radical, Tea Party legislature which has done so much harm to our state over the past two years.  
Poll after poll this week from the University of New Hampshire showed Democrats with leads in each race - Presidential, Gubernatorial, Congressional - and last night's poll projects Democrats winning slim majorities in the State House and State Senate! 
These polls are just a snapshot of where we are today, but if we continue working hard for the next 32 days we can win on Election Day. Republicans will pull out all the stops to distract voters from their extreme agenda and we must be prepared to stand up to their misleading efforts.