Free Keene Bloggers to Appear on Ballot as Libertarians

Keene and Cheshire County voters can finally vote for pro-liberty candidates.  Despite having been officially formed only one month ago, the NH Liberty Party has announced two candidates thatwill be appearing on ballots in Keene and Cheshire County. Candidates for the NH Liberty Party are principled in their advocacy for liberty and must prove it by signing the membership form, which lays out the party's unchangeable platform.  Both candidates are advocates for NH's secession and individual liberty.  These are not write-in candidates. Both will be on the ballot and could win with enough support. Please visit their individual campaign pages, linked below, to learn more about them as well as reach out to them for interview.
State Representative: Ian Freeman Keene - Cheshire District 16 (Floterial)
Cheshire County office: Darryl W. Perry Register of Deeds