New Hampshire: Andy Martin asks Supreme Court to block student voter case

New Hampshire Republican Party corruption-fighter Andy Martin has filed a 17-page motion with the New Hampshire Supreme Court asking the judges to block a “student voter” lawsuit

Andy says that who wins the lawsuit could determine the outcome of a close vote in New Hampshire on November 6th

(Manchester, NH) (October 7, 2012) Republican Party activist Andy Martin mailed a 17-page motion to the New Hampshire Supreme Court on Saturday, asking the court to block a lawsuit that could open the floodgates to voting by out-of-state students and other visitors.

Andy has been battling against the lawsuit since September when he asked to appear and be heard in the case. The Strafford County Superior Court justice granted Andy amicus curiae status.

Andy’s 17-page Supreme Court motion outlines the history of the lawsuit, discusses in detail developments at the October 4th hearing in Dover, and details the legal reasons why the New Hampshire Attorney General’s inadequate efforts have failed to properly defend the lawsuit.

“I think that for voters who are interested in the future of democracy in New Hampshire, they can benefit by reading my motion,” Andy says. “I have asked the Supreme Court for leave to appear to defend the Constitution because the Attorney General is simply not providing a vigorous defense to the Secretary of State.

“Bill Clinton came to Strafford County last week and tried to encourage an out-of-state vote for President Barack Obama’s reelection. What does that tell you about the motives behind the ACLU lawsuit?

“That’s why our efforts to block the lawsuit are so critical. The outcome of the presidential election could turn on whether New Hampshire is forced to allow out-of-state liberals to be trucked into the state to vote for Obama.

“New Hampshire will not continue to be New Hampshire if out-of-staters with no commitment to the future of the state can drive by and vote.”