YRNF Boots on the Ground in Massachusetts

It is a very exciting year to be a Young Republican in Massachusetts as we are in the national political spotlight with our former Governor Mitt Romney topping the Republican ticket and U.S. Senator Scott Brown in one of the most hotly contested senate races.

Over Columbus Day weekend,  the Massachusetts Young Republicans and the D.C. Young Republicans are teaming up for  
U.S. Senator Scott Brown in a grassroots effort to reach out to voters across the Commonwealth.    This race will be won on the ground and Young Republicans are committed to carrying out an aggressive grassroots campaign. 
In Janurary of 2010, Massachusetts shocked the country by sending Scott Brown to Washington as the 41st vote against Obamacare. It is important that the voters return Senator  Brown for a full six-year term.  During his three years inthe U.S. Senate, Senator Brown has distinguished himself as a fiscal conservative and strong supporter of our military.  
National Democrats are targeting Senator Brown for defeat, and control of the U.S. Senate is in the balance. The race between Senator Scott Brown and Professor Elizabeth Warren is virtually tied, and the winner could become the decisive swing vote in the U.S. Senate for many critical votes.

Katelyn Regan
Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans