HotAir Daily Express 10/08/2012

Obama bundler tied to Chinese government?
10/8/2012 10:01:59 AM  Ed Morrissey
Most Republicans recall the Doodad Pro controversy from almost exactly four years ago, where Team Obama campaign websites turned off credit card security checks that allowed fraudulent and foreign donations to flow into the campaign.  Could that be

Gallup: Race all even, 47/47 …
10/8/2012 9:21:25 AM  Ed Morrissey
Barack Obama’s debate performance wiped out a five-point lead in Gallup’s polling, and put the race into a dead heat at 47% each for Obama and Mitt Romney.  By a record amount, Romney came out the winner of the debate in the same survey,

Murdered ambassador sent cable warning of threats on day of Benghazi attack
10/8/2012 8:41:33 AM  Ed Morrissey
A number of media sources have fresh looks at the Obama administration’s handling of security in the weeks before the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi drove us out of eastern Libya and killed four Americans, including US Ambassador J.

Obamateurism of the Day
10/8/2012 8:01:51 AM  Ed Morrissey
I’m old enough to recall the Roberto Duran – Sugar Ray Leonard fight in which the Panamanian champion simply stopped fighting in the middle of the round, telling the referee “No mas, no mas.”  I watched that fight live; I missed

Quotes of the day
10/7/2012 8:01:33 PM  Allahpundit
Senior Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs on Sunday acknowledged that the president was unhappy with his performance in last week’s first debate. “It’s not rocket science to believe that the president’s disappointed,” Gibbs said,

RFID chips for Texas students
10/7/2012 6:31:24 PM  Jazz Shaw
Is this a story of the nanny state gone (further) awry, a community ensuring the safety of at risk children, or just a group of bureaucrats trying to glam onto some extra cash? The San Antonio Times brings us the story of a school district which will

Charts of the Day: Deficits and spending
10/7/2012 5:01:40 PM  Ed Morrissey
Via Instapundit, this is the chart to keep in mind when it comes to deficits and campaign promises.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, but pay close attention to the huge jump in deficit spending between FY2008 and FY2009 — and the very large gap

Illegal immigrant reporter arrested, released
10/7/2012 3:31:39 PM  Jazz Shaw
You may or may not recall the story of Jose Antonio Vargas, the “undocumented worker” who became a reporter talking about immigration issues. As part of his “journey” to reach the American Dream, he obtained a drivers license in

Latest Romney ad hits back on Team Obama’s bogus “$5 trillion” claim
10/7/2012 2:01:08 PM  Erika Johnsen
The biggest item with which Team Obama was able to come out swinging following last week’s presidential debate (except for something about Mitt Romney being too “aggressive” and possibly trying to cheat on live television) was playing

Video: SNL on debate – “The worst thing that ever happened”
10/7/2012 12:31:20 PM  Jazz Shaw
The recently reinvigorated cast of Saturday Night Live has been having a field day with the 2012 election and their ratings have shown a payoff for their efforts. Yes, the majority of their skits still tend toward skewering conservatives and Republicans,

NFL Week 5 open thread
10/7/2012 11:01:48 AM  Ed Morrissey
The Pittsburgh Steelers come back after a Week 4 bye at 1-2, but good news comes back with them.  Three key starters — Troy Polamalu and James Harrison on defense, and RB Rashard Mendenhall on offense — will play in today’s game against