NH DHHS - State Multi-Agency Drill to Take Place This Week

Concord, NH – There will be a 3-day multi-agency field exercise involving

local, State, and federal assets. State agencies participating include the

DHHS Division of Public Health Services, the NH National Guard,

Administrative Services, and Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

For each of the days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week, there will

be a separate terrorist event that prompts various agencies involved to

deal with the terrorist threat.

The first of these events will occur at the New Hampshire State House Annex

Mailroom on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This

exercise will involve the delivery of a package with a toxic substance and

how local and State authorities deal with mitigating it, identifying it,

and maintaining the safety of those personnel who are located at the Annex.

“This large-scale drill will allow us to test not only our individual roles

but the way agencies interact to handle a complicated issue,” said Jerry

Kwasnik, a Health Physicist at DHHS who coordinated the drill. “We just

want the public to be aware of what is happening so there is no confusion

or anyone thinking there is a real emergency.”