Political Headlines - November 1, 2012

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Here are the top political headlines from today:



  • Storm stirs Mass. Senate race climate talk: Hurricane Sandy catapulted debates over climate change and disaster ­relief into the race between Senator Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. Globe politics reporters Michael Levenson and Noah Bierman cover.




  • Politicians push back: For all the talk about what government owes its citizens, an equally compelling discourse focuses on an individual's responsibilities to society. Globe columnist Juliette Kayyem writes.


  • Mitt Romney backtracks on FEMA: Mitt Romney moved away from his earlier remarks that disaster relief should be left to the states, but when reality strikes in the form of a tidal surge, his underlying sentiment is cold. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi elaborates.


  • When the middle man is the new radical: Could a Congressman Richard Tisei help bring sanity to his party in Washington? That's a big part of the moderate Republican's ­appeal. Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham profiles.