Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Tax of the Day: #62

Manchester, NH – Maggie Hassan spent her legislative career gambling with New Hampshire taxpayers’ money, so its ironic yet not surprising that she voted to tax her fellow gamblers. Sen. Hassan's vote to create a tax on gambling winnings is "Maggie's Tax of the Day" for November 1, 2012.

In 2009, the year before she was voted out of office by Granite State taxpayers sick of Concord’s tax and spend addiction, Hassan backed a new 10 percent tax on gambling winnings.  The tax applies to all money won within the state – by residents and nonresidents alike – and even extended to New Hampshire residents winnings from out-of-state – so much for that relaxing vacation.

And what new tax would be complete without a spending increase to match it?  Hassan also supported nearly $300,000 in extra spending for the Department of Revenue Administration to collect the tax – even though the law places the burden of reporting and record keeping on the taxpayer.

Background: As a State Senator:

Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED establishing a tax 10% on gambling winnings. Hassan voted YEA on adopting the Committee of Conference Report (2333CofC) for the bill.  6/24/2009. Vote #104, HB2.