ALG's Daily Grind - Global gun ban on the horizon?

Nov. 13, 2012

Global gun ban on the horizon?

If the UN small arms treaty proceeds, the House could refuse to fund the United Nations with the more than $2.5 billion taxpayers give that body every year.

Video: New And Likely Ridiculous Regulations Are Coming, What Can We Expect?

The Obama years have had more new and often bizarre rules. Now we know that there are more on the way.

Sometimes environmentalists and their policies don't get along

Environmentalists trying to stop a cable that would bring affordable hydropower electricity from Canada to New York City out of fear it might somehow damage the Hudson River, and more.

November 6: The Dark Night of the Soul

The brown-nosing hall monitors of civic discourse remind the opposition to accept defeat gracefully, but one must never surrender, because, for the integrity of the individual soul to survive.