Political Headlines - November 16, 2012


  • Mitt Romney 'gifts' remark raises ire within GOP: After stumping hard for Romney in the presidential campaign, several Republican rising stars are now berating him as divisive and potentially damaging to the party. Globe politics reporter Brian MacQuarrie explains.


  • Election flops may not stem from super PACs' cash: Despite the failure of some Republican-oriented super PACs, the amount of contributions to such committees could increase for the '14 elections. Globe Deputy Washington bureau chief Michael Kranish and Globe correspondent Callum Borchers report.


  • Enough supply-side silliness: The GOP needs to move away from "dumbed-down conservatism." It also needs to rethink supply-side economics, its doctrine since the Reagan era. Globe columnist Scot Lehigh writes. 


  • Perpetual politics in Mass.Get ready for two solid years of nonstop bickering, ominous commercials, over-programmed candidates, and dinnertime robo-calls. Globe columnist Brian McGrory predicts.