Concord, NH- Today in the Democrat caucus Rep. Terie Norelli became the nominee for Speaker, which will be voted on Organization Day in the House. An election of Norelli will mean more of the same of her last term as Speaker, which included the 2010 ethics investigation cloud where her Majority Floor Leader, Dan Eaton (D-Stoddard) interfered in a State Liquor Commission investigation.

"When Terie Norelli was Speaker in 06-10 session, she was responsible for the back room budget deals, instituted an LLC income tax in the 2009 budget, and did not seek the immediate resignation of Rep. Dan Eaton under the cloud of an ethics investigation by the Legislative Ethics Committee under chairman Martin L. Gross," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "A return of Norelli will almost ensure a return of Eaton to House leadership.  With a Norelli/Eaton leadership team New Hampshire citizens can only expect more of the same destructive policies."

In 2010, Eaton, according to The Union Leader (March 6, 2010), tried to block an investigation on a tavern in Keene owned by a Democrat Keene City Councilor, and a political ally of Eaton's. The incident raised serious questions as to whether or not he violated Legislative Ethics Guidelines when he was accused of harassing Liquor Commission inspectors and his secret meeting with Commissioner Bodi. New Hampshire legislators are prohibited from "threaten[ing] reprisals or promis[ing] inducements of any kind to influence another so as to obtain special personal benefits for the legislator, the legislator's immediate family, or for certain constituents which would not be available to others under similar conditions."

"The Democrat leadership in the House will no doubt be ethically challenged," said MacDonald. "Another term for Speaker Norelli will continue this thread of lies and deceit for the New Hampshire taxpayers."