Political Headlines - November 2, 2012

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Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Mitt Romney pushes hard for rural vote: Volunteers in Ohio are trying to sway independents and persuade traditional Republican allies to turn out in overwhelming numbers. Globe Washington Bureau reporter Bryan Bender explains.


  • Obama campaign targets younger voters: If four years ago the Obama campaign treated young voters as agents of change, it is now targeting them as an interest group with clear concerns. Globe politics reporter Matt Viser details.


  • Back on trail, candidates resume their salvos: President Obama blasted Mitt Romney's proposals to repeal health care reform and lower tax rates, while Romney knocked his idea for a secretary of business Cabinet post. Globe correspondent Callum Borchers reports.


  • Brown, Warren keep firing away in final days: Campaigning Thursday, Senator Scott Brown continued to focus on his theme of bipartisanship, while Elizabeth Warren tried to counter it. Globe reporters Mark Arsenault and Stephanie Ebbert cover.


  • Medical marijuana is not a threat: The proposed law is carefully crafted to learn from other states' experiences and avoid any of their mistakes. Globe columnist Scot Lehigh writes.