HotAir Daily Express 11/01/2012

NBC/WSJ/Marist polls show Obama up in Iowa, virtual ties in NH, WI
11/1/2012 10:01:45 AM  Ed Morrissey
NBC and the Wall Street Journal, in partnership with a few more final polls from some second-tier swing states that Barack Obama won in 2008 but might lose in 2012.  The Marist polls gives Obama some good news in Iowa, but warnings about New Hampshire

ADP report shows 158K private-sector jobs added
11/1/2012 9:21:08 AM  Ed Morrissey
ADP’s brand-new paradigm for predicting job growth in the private sector got off to a somewhat rocky start this morning; their site crashed after the release for a brief period.  Their new report, using Moody Analytics, is intended to close the

Video: Dominican hookers accuse Senator Menendez of underpaying them
11/1/2012 8:41:43 AM  Ed Morrissey
Every few years, a prominent national politician ends up getting exposed in a salacious sex scandal, allowing the other party to cluck their tongues in sanctimony … until it’s their own politician who gets caught in the snare.  It’s

Obamateurism of the Day
11/1/2012 8:01:48 AM  Ed Morrissey
A fine sentiment, issued here by Barack Obama while visiting the Red Cross. “We leave nobody behind,” Obama says to the gathered volunteers. “We make sure that we respond as a nation, and remind ourselves that whenever an American is in

The Shocking Message Hidden in the Presidential Debates (Gasp)
Political intelligence expert, Robert Williams, just released shocking details of his investigation into the private affairs of our nation’s most prolific lawmakers. Based on his investigation’s findings, and the clever semantics used in the debates, he’s concerned that one of the parties is about to rig the election. Yes, Capitol Hill is that corrupt. Williams is even prepared to go to court to make sure that the elections are fair and honest. Full details.

Quotes of the day
10/31/2012 10:57:42 PM  Allahpundit
“It’s a foretaste of things to come,” Princeton University professor Michael Oppenheimer told CNN. “Bigger storms and higher sea levels” will pile on to create a “growing threat” in the coming decades. And New

The obligatory “Drudge teasing political sex scandal story” post
10/31/2012 10:00:26 PM  Allahpundit
People have been e-mailing for the past hour wondering if it’s The One. C’mon — President Spock, caught in a sex scandal? He’s years away from his next pon farr. It’s not him: SEX SCANDAL TO HIT CAMPAIGN… STORY SAID TO

Karl Rove’s prediction: Romney 51, Obama 48
10/31/2012 9:27:23 PM  Allahpundit
A shot of optimism after a day of eeyorish state polls. How does Rove arrive at this result when eight of the last nine Ohio surveys have O ahead? In two steps: (1) He clearly trusts the national data over the state data, and (2) he cites historical

Report: Benghazi consulate determined in August that it might not withstand “coordinated attack”
10/31/2012 8:41:34 PM  Allahpundit
This is at least the third separate warning that State got from people in the field about security disintegrating in Benghazi in the last month or so before the assault. Fox News already reported that Stevens sent a cable on August 8 about a

Video: On second thought, maybe that Disney/Lucasfilm deal wasn’t such a hot idea
10/31/2012 8:01:16 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate. I spent a whole post yesterday encouraging you to be optimistic and not assume that Disney taking over “Star Wars” would mean they’ll double down on the kitsch. Then I saw the new video from Disney Parks. Consider

Issa: Obama admin has “for too long attempted to distance itself” from green-energy bankruptcies and failures
10/31/2012 7:21:46 PM  Erika Johnsen
As Mary Katherine recounted on Monday, we’ve all long since figured out that the Department of Energy’s decisions to dish out loan guarantees/grants/etcetera are highly political decisions, despite the administration’s incessant

Pew on early voters: Romney leads Obama, running far ahead of McCain ’08
10/31/2012 6:41:19 PM  Allahpundit
One of the core reasons to support Romney in the primary, for those who did, was that he was the only Republican running with an organization sophisticated enough to match O’s. Here’s the payoff from Pew: The Pew Research Center survey found

The War on Bacon
10/31/2012 6:01:14 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Programming note: Google was having serious issues right before the show, so if this doesn’t work now, we’ll do a make-up show later tonight and post it for you. Kelly Maher of Revealing Politics and I are doing a little talk show for 30-45

Messina: Our map is set, unlike that flailing Team Romney
10/31/2012 5:21:12 PM  Erika Johnsen
The wave of post-debate momentum that has erased and even reversed the leads that President Obama once had in both national and swing-state battles is still going strong, and with a hefty bit more cash on hand than the Democratic camp and only six days

Biden to GOP voter: You’ll vote for me in 2016 when your insurance rates go down; Update: Romney and Putin are best buddies or something, says Biden
10/31/2012 4:41:21 PM  Allahpundit
The bad news? He was on the phone saying this at around the same time Jay Carney was sonorously warning reporters that “This is not a time for politics.” The good news? As you’ll see below, this wasn’t even in the top three most

Romney continues to gain ground on healthcare issues
10/31/2012 4:01:01 PM  Erika Johnsen
General knowledge seems to be starting to lean towards “Romney has pretty much nailed down Florida,” but I suppose you can never be too careful, and Romney is taking today to campaign in the Sunshine State with popular GOPers Sen. Marco Rubio

Nobody better tell the NYT editorial board about the Waffle House Index
10/31/2012 3:21:55 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
As flood waters were pouring into every low point in New York City Monday night, the New York Times took the opportunity to knock Mitt Romney for remarks he made during the Republican primary about federal disaster assistance in an editorial entitled,

Leno: DADT is back — it’s “Obama’s new policy for questions on Libya”
10/31/2012 2:41:17 PM  Erika Johnsen
While Jay Leno has no trouble finding occasion to poke fun at Republicans, last night he made a joke at President Obama’s expense last that contained an all-too-accurate observation: Well, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is back

Video: Happy (Redistributionist) Halloween!
10/31/2012 2:01:25 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today we celebrate Halloween, when roving bands of children go from door to door threatening to do damage to people’s houses unless they get payoffs in sugar.  All right, so the “trick” part of “trick or treat” has become an

The Ed Morrissey Show: Guy Benson, Mary Katharine Ham, Meryl Yourish
10/31/2012 1:47:41 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), it’s time again for our Salem All-Stars! Guy Benson and Mary Katharine Ham join me today to discuss the latest polls, the latest news, and the latest claims from both campaigns. Don’t miss it! In

Matthews: Team Romney sure is getting “desperate” in Ohio
10/31/2012 1:21:13 PM  Erika Johnsen
Since Obama is hitting the auto-bailout theme pretty hard in the manufacturing-heavy and still up-in-the-presidential-air state of Ohio, the Left got into quite the tizzy with one of Romney’s attempts to puncture the inflated narrative, with

PPP: Obama leads by 5 in Ohio, 50/45 …
10/31/2012 12:41:34 PM  Ed Morrissey
No wonder David Axelrod thinks that Barack Obama can win Ohio without winning independents.  According to the latest Buckeye State poll from PPP, they only need an extra five points from non-Democrats to get a majority: A new Public Policy Polling survey

Gingrich: A “reliable Senator” tells me two networks have stand-down e-mails from Donilon’s office
10/31/2012 12:01:10 PM  Ed Morrissey
Via the Daily Caller, Newt Gingrich thinks that the Benghazi scandal might blow wide open over the next two days, thanks to e-mails that he claims two networks now possess from the office of the National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon.  According to a

Axelrod: I’ll shave my moustache if we lose PA, MI or MN
10/31/2012 11:21:25 AM  Ed Morrissey
What better way to close out our Morning Of The Living Polls with this tongue-in-cheek (lip?) pledge from David Axelrod?  When challenged on the sudden expansion of the electoral map for Mitt Romney into previously-considered safe Democratic states, Team

Romney gains 7 points in one month in PA
10/31/2012 10:41:26 AM  Ed Morrissey
If you want to see what momentum looks like in what has suddenly become a battleground state, look no farther than the Franklin & Marshall poll data for Pennsylvania.  The CBS affiliate in Philadelphia reported the results this morning, showing