Lamontagne For Governor - Democrats Across NH Support Ovide for Governor

Coalition lead by former State Senators Robert Preston and Bobby Stephen

Manchester, NH – The Ovide for Governor campaign today released the names of over 30 registered Democrats supporting Ovide for Governor.  The Democrats for Ovide coalition is lead by former State Senator Robert F. Preston of Hampton and former State Senator Bobby Stephen of Manchester.  

Former Senate Minority Leader Preston said, "I am supporting Ovide for Governor because we need leaders who can bring us together to solve the real problems facing our state.”  Preston continued, “Neither party has cornered the market on good ideas and Ovide recognizes that.  He has built a successful career in the private and public sectors on his ability to work openly and collaboratively with anyone.  I am confident New Hampshire Democrats will have a seat at his table and that he will also be able to push back against some of the more extreme elements of his own party in order to craft policies that are right for the Granite State.  Ovide will bring experience, character, integrity, and conviction to the corner office, that is what New Hampshire needs in these challenging times.”

Other prominent Democrats for Ovide include former Merrimack County Treasurer Leo Bernier, Dr. Brian Gilchrist, former President of Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital Nancy Formella, and Former Asst. Minority Leader Rick Newman.

Democrats in support of Ovide for Governor have also made their voices heard in the state’s newspapers as well.  “Life-long Democrat” Robert E. Fisher recently wrote in the Foster’s Daily Democrat he will be supporting Ovide for Governor on November 6th.

Early this month, former Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Rick Newman wrote in the Concord Monitor, “This year I am voting for Ovide Lamontagne for governor.  I do not agree with him on every issue, but I do agree that the last thing New Hampshire needs is new taxes on businesses or individuals. … We need a governor who will put jobs first.

“I continued to be humbled by the support we’ve received from voters of all political stripes across New Hampshire," said Ovide Lamontagne.  "During the primary I was criticized by my opponents for being too liberal, now I am being criticized by my opponents for being too conservative.  I believe the continued support this campaign has received from Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, and Republicans alike shows that the policies we are discussing are right for New Hampshire.  Together, we will reform state government, grow our economy, create good, new jobs, and reform state government, these are the issues a majority of New Hampshire voters are concerned about, no matter their party affiliation.”

The full Democrats for Ovide list can be found below:

Andrew Ntpalis, Manchester

Art Bernier, Manchester

Barbara Bourque, Manchester

Beryl Bolton, Goffstown

Bob Preston, Hampton

Bobby Stephen, Manchester

Brian Gilchrist, Amherst

Brian Shaughnessy, Manchester

Collette Comtois, Goffstown

Dan Wheeler, Merrimack

Daniel Healy, Candia

Darlene Wheeler, Merrimack

Gordon Lalanne, Manchester

Harry Ntpalis, Manchester

James Connor, Manchester

Jennifer Belouin, Deering

Joanne Moynihan, Kingston

John Couturier, Goffstown

John Lake        , Center Barnstead

Kathleen Hennebury, Deering

Leo R. Bernier, Loudon

Margaret Couturier, Goffstown

Nancy Formella, Hanover

Pauline Boisvert, Manchester

Peter Denutte, Manchester

Rick Newman, Concord

Robert Fisher, Dover

Steve Opett, Concord

Suzanne Ntpalis, Manchester

Ted Cusson, Manchester

Walter Gallo, Bedford