Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Taxes of the Day: #63 & 64

Manchester, NH – In a tough 2009 economy, the last thing New Hampshire needed was a tax hike on meals and rooms driving tourists away.  But that’s exactly the sort of counterproductive measure Maggie Hassan supported as a State Senator, and has said she would support again if elected governor.  Her votes to raise the Meals and Rooms tax and to establish a Meals and Rooms operator’s license fee are “Maggie’s Taxes of the Day” for November 2, 2012.

Tourism is one of the Granite State’s most important revenue sources, and we need to maintain competitive pricing to attract visitors when we have Maine and Vermont to either side competing for every dollar.  Sen. Hassan’s vote to increase the Meals and Rooms tax from 8% to 9% did exactly the opposite, increase the costs of visiting the state for tourists as well as the cost of a night out for New Hampshire residents.

Further, at a tourism forum last month, Sen. Hassan said she was “open” to raising the Meal and Rooms tax another half-percentage point. [1]

Hassan’s Meal and Rooms tax increase followed a 2007 bill she supported establishing a new $5 license fee – yet another example of Sen. Hassan nickel and dime tax increase on the business owners of New Hampshire.

Background: As a State Senator, 

Maggie Hassan SUPPORTED an increase in the Meals and Rooms tax (YEA on HB2, 6/24/09) as well as the creation of a Meals and Rooms operator’s license fee (YEA on HB599, 5/24/07).

[1]  When it comes to taxes that affect the tourism industry, Lamontagne was unequivocal in his promise to oppose any increase in the rooms and meals tax, gas tax or highway tolls. Hassan has said she was open to a conversation on those taxes … “I’m not going to support any raise in the rooms and meals tax above 9.5 percent,” she said.