NH GOP - Senate Leaders Explain Why Maggie Hassan is Wrong for NH

Concord, NH- Today New Hampshire State Senators lined up to explain to Granite Staters why Maggie Hassan should not be New Hampshire's next governor. Her extreme liberal agenda and abysmal record in the Senate has added over 99 taxes and fees on to the backs of New Hampshire taxpayers. Senators who have worked with Maggie, and know her partisan record, know first hand that we can not afford her in Concord again, and that she is wrong for New Hampshire.

"In the Senate, Maggie Hassan voted along Democrat party lines over 99 percent of the time," said Senate President Peter Bragdon. "There was only one instance where she broke with her party, only one, making her the most partisan of recent state senators. That is not someone who is willing to listen to both sides and work with everyone, and I don't see how she can say that she brings both sides together with a straight face."

"Maggie Hassan has said multiple times that she is against an income tax," said Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley. "What she is neglecting to include is that in the 2009 budget, when she realized that we could not pay for the Democrats' substantial increases, she became the leading voice in the state for the LLC small business income tax. If she wants to be the champion of transparency, she should remember that this was passed without a public hearing. One thing is clear with Maggie: she is trying to forget her record and just tell voters what she thinks they want to hear."