ALG's Daily Grind - California: Golden in all the wrong ways

Nov. 20, 2012

California: Golden in all the wrong ways

Under the federal government's new measurement of poverty, California is at the top of the state rankings with a 23.5 percent poverty rate.

Top 12 Big Gov't Busts of 2012: #12 GM Stock

GM stock crumbled in 2012. There was talk of another bankruptcy. All of this after the Government was supposedly saving it! This rates as our #12 Big Government Bust of 2012.

The Real Fiscal Cliff

The true crisis has nothing to do with the tax fight, which will be resolved one way or the other before Jan. 1, but has everything to do with the battle over budget cuts that are mandated under the law.

Capretta and Levin: Why ObamaCare Is Still No Sure Thing

[S]tates still have two key choices to make that together will put them in the driver's seat: whether to create state health-insurance exchanges, and whether to expand Medicaid. They should say 'no' to both."