ALG's Daily Grind - Internet Radio Fairness Act would end the music monopoly

Nov. 26, 2012

Internet Radio Fairness Act would end the music monopoly
Rather than organically promoting supply and demand within the free market, the current system is based on the government imposing an unfair and discriminatory burden on one segment of the economy so that another might benefit.

Top 12 Big Gov't Busts of 2012: #11 The Green Economy

In 2011, it was Solyndra. In 2012, it was A123. What green company will go next? We have seen more bankruptcy than success.

CIA Global Warming Clown Act on a Par with The Pink Panther's Inspector Clouseau

The good news is that the CIA is disbanding the Center on Climate Change and National Security. The bad news is that the agency still clings to global warming dogma even after the "climategate" made it clear that politically motivated researchers have been manipulating and distorting scientific data in an effort to prop up theories that no longer hold.

The Hill: Boehner tightens grip on rank and file to maximize power in 'fiscal cliff' talks

The following featured article from The Hill  explains why House Speaker John Boehner is tightening his grip on House Republicans.