NH House Majority Leader Reacts to Revelation of Rep-Elect Laughton's Criminal Past

CONCORD – House Majority Leader Rep. Pete Silva (R-Nashua) today gave the following statement regarding the recent revelations, as published in the Laconia Daily Sun and Nashua Telegraph, that Rep-Elect Stacie Laughton (D-Nashua) has an extensive history with the Laconia police department and served four months in jail in 2008 on felony charges of conspiracy to commit credit card fraud:

House Majority Leader Pete Silva (R-Nashua)

“It is unfortunate that Ms. Laughton did not come clean with the voters of her district during the election process. If I lived in the district, I would be extremely disappointed to learn, just days after the election, that my neighborhood was going to be represented by a person that only 4 years ago was convicted of a felony charge involving conspiracy and fraud and served time in prison. While I believe in a person’s ability to be rehabilitated and become a productive member of the community, I also believe it is a candidate’s duty to fully disclose their personal history to allow the voters an opportunity to make an informed decision. Ms. Laughton failed to give the voters of her district that very basic amount of trust and respect. Lawmakers should hold themselves to a higher standard and Ms. Laughton has already failed the voters of her district by not being forthright with them. Ms. Laughton should step down immediately in order to allow for an election process where voters are given the opportunity to evaluate candidates through an open and transparent process; something they were denied on November 6th.”

“Democratic leaders including Rep. Terri Norelli, Chairman Ray Buckley and Governor-Elect Maggie Hassan must realize the injustice being done to the people of Nashua’s Ward 4 and I ask them to join with me and in asking Rep-Elect Laughton to step down immediately.”