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Andrew Demers of Manchester-Based Liberty Political Solutions 
Wins Thomas Massie’s Congressional Race in Bluegrass State

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Andrew Demers, political director of Rand Paul’s successful bid for the 2010 U.S. Senate race in Kentucky, is celebrating the election of another liberty-leaning Republican to Congress with Thomas Massie’s decisive 27-point victory in the Bluegrass State.

Demers, founder and managing member of Liberty Political Solutions, a national, strategic-campaign-services business based in Manchester, N.H., conceptualized and executed voter-contact, get-out-the-vote, and election-day operations in his role as general consultant on the campaign that elected Massie to serve Kentucky’s Fourth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Massie, an MIT graduate and computer entrepreneur, defeated Democratic opponent William Adkins 62 percent to 35 percent in the race, which followed Massie’s 45 percent vote total in a seven-candidate primary victory.

“With the election of Thomas Massie to the U.S. House this year and the electionof Rand Paul to the U.S. Senate last year, we are pleased to be part of a repeat effort in Kentucky to advance the cause of liberty in our country,” Mr. Demers said. 

“Our historical research, voter-targeting and voter-turnout initiatives are making a tremendous impact across the nation,” Mr. Demers added. “As Liberty Political Solutions grows, so will the number of elected officials who put the commonsense, conservative values of freedom and prosperity at the forefront of the nation’s political agenda.”

In the case of Thomas Massie, Liberty Political Solutions helped the grassroots conservative Republican attract more votes in his seven-candidate primary election than the two leading establishment Republican candidates combined. One of these candidates even had the support of former U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning and outgoing U.S. Rep. Geoff Davis. In the general election, Liberty Political Solutions made defeating a Democrat appear easy in a year when Democrats won substantial victories elsewhere.

“Liberty Political Solutions’ strategic campaign management system is the answer to President Obama’s data-crunching machine,” Mr. Demers said. “Our system is a collection of processes and applied technology that will help Republicans expand majorities in the mid-term elections and take back the White House in 2016. Our battle-tested programs will continue electing Republicans who understand the principles of freedom and successfully convince voters that the GOP is their best choice for restoring fiscal sanity in government and advancing prosperity in our nation.”

In 2010, Demers was political director for Rand Paul’s Senate race in Kentucky, where Paul routed Secretary of State Trey Grayson in the primary 58.8 percent to 35.4 percent (a 23.4 point margin), and where Paul decisively beat Democratic AttorneyGeneral Jack Conway in the general election 55.7 percent to 44.3 percent (an 11.4 point margin).

During 2012, Demers served as National Director of Voter Contact for Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential race. He served on Paul’s 2008 campaign as well. Previously, Demers worked with the Republican National Committee’s Victory program in New Hampshire.


About Liberty Political Solutions
Liberty Political Solutions is a Republican political consulting firm specializing in strategic electoral research, voter contact, and voter turnout programs. For candidates at all political levels, Andrew Demers and his team provide the tools and the knowledge required to win. Based in the “first-in-nation primary” State of New Hampshire, but with national reach, Liberty Political Solutions has successfully waged local and statewide primary campaigns, general elections, ballot initiatives, press and messaging campaigns, and much more. In addition to its in-house services, Liberty Political Solutions offers the Victory VOIP phone system and the VoterTracker Campaign Management software suite. Contact Andrew Demers, managing member of Liberty Political Solutions, by e-mailing libertypoliticalsolutions@gmail.com or calling 603-703-1633.