AFP - Lame Duck Hunt

I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. The lame duck session of Congress is ramping up and important policies for our country are on the line. AFP is announcing a fun new way to get informed about the looming tax hikes and spending reductions.


This year, be among the first to play Americans for Prosperity’s Lame Duck Hunt computer game! You will have to work to keep bad policies from being enacted – every duck that escapes represents a bad policy. For every duck you bag, though, you stop a bad policy from being enacted. 

You can log on with Facebook or Twitter and then share your score with all your friends and family. 

Also, throughout the game you’ll have the chance to write a message to your Representative to let them know that you oppose bad policies such as income tax hikes and the death tax.


So play and share this game today.


It is up to you to keep those bad policies from taking flight during lame duck session!



Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity