Bass For Congress - Annie Kuster Says Unemployment Rising to 7.9% is "Not a bad sign"

Unemployment Rises to 7.9% - Annie Kuster's Reaction?
"I think even that is not a bad sign.."

Concord, NH - Today on New Hampshire Public Radio’s program "The Exchange,” Congressional Candidate Annie Kuster was asked for reaction to the national unemployment number jumping up to 7.9%.  Kuster replied, "I think even that is not a bad sign."

"Annie Kuster thinking an increase in unemployment is ‘not a bad sign’ is just another example on how she doesn't understand the challenges facing our economy and the difficulties small businesses and families are dealing with every day," said Bass spokesman Scott Tranchemontagne.  "Over the past 4 years, our economy has produced uncertainty at all levels, and the economic policies supported by Annie Kuster not only led to this current situation, but promise to lead to more of the same unless we take a different approach.” 

Tranchemontagne continued, "There are over 14,000 fewer jobs in New Hampshire than existed four years ago, and Annie Kuster's support of more government spending, new taxes on New Hampshire's small businesses, new taxes on medical devices and a new national energy tax will cost New Hampshire another 14,000 jobs.  But Annie Kuster apparently thinks it is ‘not a bad sign’ if more people are looking for jobs and are unable to find them."


Kuster’s Job-Killing Policies


  • Supports the Medical Device Tax, as part of the president’s health care law, which will directly impact 3,700 jobs in NH.   - Employment Effects of the New Excise Tax on the Medical Device Industry, Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Harold Furchtgott-Roth


  • Supports a tax hike on small businesses, disguised as her “tax hike on the rich,” which will cost New Hampshire 3,400 jobs - Ernst & Young – July 12, 2012


Supports a National Energy Tax that would cost New Hampshire up to 9,500 jobs - H.R. 2454, ACCF-NAM Economic Impact Study