CEI Weekly: CEI Announces New CEI President

Friday, November 2, 2012



Feature: Lawson Bader will take over as president of CEI in January 2013.

FEATURE: CEI Announces New CEI President


Lawson Bader, a veteran of the free-market movement, has been named president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Fred Smith, who founded CEI in 1984, will continue to serve CEI as Founder and Chairman and as the head of CEI's Center for Advancing Capitalism. Read more about Lawson Bader and CEI's plans here.




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November 1, 2012: Is Google's Search Dominance Permanent?


Associate Director of Technology Studies Ryan Radia argues that Google’s current dominance as an Internet search engine service is a fragile thing. Creative destruction is everywhere, and its onset cannot be predicted. As soon as something better comes out, consumers will flock to it in droves. Calls for antitrust enforcement should not be answered.