Freedom Action - Affordable Energy Congressional Vote Ratings Released


core Shows Wide Gap Between Republicans and Democrats; President Obama Scores Zero

(Washington, DC—Nov. 2, 2012)  If Freedom Action’s 2011-2012 Affordable Energy Congressional Vote Ratings reveal nothing else, they show the deep partisan differences among members of the U.S. Congress when it comes to energy issues.

A number of Democrats earn high scores and a number of Republicans earn low scores. But for the most part, Republicans recorded extremely high scores and Democrats extremely low scores.

Nowhere is this gap between the parties more apparent than in Ohio and Wisconsin.  In both states, every Democratic member of the House scored zero, and every Republican Member scored 100 percent. In the Senate, Ohio Democratic Sherrod Brown scored zero, and Republican Rob Portman scored 91 percent. Among Wisconsin’s senators, Democrat Senator Herb Kohl scored 8 percent, and Republican Ron Johnson scored 100 percent.    

Freedom Action also checked official White House’s Statements of Administration Policy (SAP) and found President Barack Obama scored a zero on affordable energy.  The White House did not issue a Statement of Administration Policy for several of the bills rated by Freedom Action, but in every case where it did, the SAP either opposed the pro-affordable energy position or threatened a veto if the pro-affordable energy bill reached the president’s desk.   

The ratings are based on 10 key Senate votes and 12 key House votes in the 112th Congress on energy issues.  Two Senate votes and three House votes are given double weight because of their relatively higher importance.

The ratings covered every major energy issue in the 112th Congress, including: overturning the Obama administration’s greenhouse gas emissions regulations that eventually will raise electric rates and transportation fuel prices; blocking other EPA regulations that target the coal industry and coal-fired power plants; opening more federal offshore areas to oil and gas exploration; stopping Obama administration delays in permitting new energy projects; overturning President Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline; and ending tax subsidies and federal loan programs to uncompetitive forms of energy.    

“Nearly all political candidates claim to be for more affordable energy.  Freedom Action’s Affordable Energy Congressional Vote Ratings allows voters to see the reality behind the rhetorical claims of their Members of Congress,” said Myron Ebell, president of Freedom Action.

Freedom Action’s ratings include only votes that were well-publicized and debated thoroughly on the floor of the House or Senate and in which the issue of affordable energy was prominent or primary.

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