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Starting in 2008, the governor and Legislature adopted a series of unusual practices that obscured spending decisions. As a result, the two gubernatorial candidates this year fight over what the facts really are.

Republican Ovide Lamontagne claims that Democrat Maggie Hassan raised spending when she was Senate majority leader and left the state with an $800 million deficit. She claims she balanced the budget and spending went down. A careful look behind the curtain shows that significant spending increases without the money to pay for them caused a huge deficit that forced the most recent Legislature to pass a significant correction... Click here to keep reading.


Crash Course at the Electoral College

Grant Bosse and Paul Westcott look behind the numbers in the last ten days of the 2012 Presidential Election, including which swing states are in play, how early voting could impact the race, whether the “Incumbent Rule” actually exists, and what happens in the case of an Electoral College tie... Click here to Listen


JBC Report

NH's Growing Debt Problem

Charlie Arlinghaus talks to Jack Heath about New Hampshire’s increased reliance on debt to finance its budget, and why it’s important in next week’s election. Click here to listen.

Taxpayer Investment in Cannon Mountain tops $9.2 Million

Lost roughly 250k in FY12

State-owned Cannon Mountain Ski Area will more than a quarter million in Fiscal Year 2012, after turning a profit for the first time in a decade in FY11. And that doesn’t include large capital construction subsidies provided by New Hampshire taxpayers. In all, New Hampshire taxpayers have put over $9.2 million into Cannon Mountain since the state began leasing out Mount Sunapee in 1999. Click here to keep reading.