Shea-Porter For Congress - Congressman Guinta says, “I don’t need the FDA”; takes tobacco money

Manchester, NH – Congressman Frank Guinta has accepted $2,000 from Big Tobacco in 2012.  Altria, formerly known as Phillip Morris, has given Congressman Guinta multiple donations in this election cycle through their PAC.

Altria is still the largest tobacco conglomerate in the world, and they are the makers of Marlboro cigarettes.  Altria has lobbied on numerous issues since Congressman Guinta was elected, but most notably against Health Care Reform.  The company is particularly opposed to the implementation of funding for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

As of 2009, the FDA also has direct regulatory authority over cigarettes.  Congressman Guinta recently said, “I don’t need the FDA,” so it is no wonder he has won the admiration of Big Tobacco.  Altria supports Congressman Guinta because he wants to eliminate the FDA, and repeal Health Care Reform.

“There is apparently no corporate interest Congressman Guinta isn’t willing to shill for, and he seems to have no shame in doing the bidding of Big Tobacco,” said Campaign Manager Naomi Andrews.  “New Hampshire voters support Carol Shea-Porter, because she refuses to take donations from corporate PACs, and she stands up for middle class families.”


Altria PAC and TACO PAC Donations:

Altria Lobbying on the CDC:;

Frank Guinta: “I don’t need the FDA”.