Shea-Porter For Congress - Guinta Keeps Telling Tea Party Tall Tales

Manchester, NH- Tonight, Carol Shea-Porter debated Tea Partier Congressman Frank Guinta.

During the 2010 election, Congressman Guinta received national attention for his Tea Party activities. He spoke at Tea Party rallies across New Hampshire and in DC, and his vocal support for the Tea Party is a matter of public record. Here’s a clip of him at the Dover Tea Party rally saying, “Don’t tread on me”: And here’s a clip at the Portsmouth Tea Party rally: Congressman Guinta also told the Raymond Tea Party that he believes the federal government should force the teaching of creationism:

Despite the ample evidence, Guinta now denies his involvement with the Tea Party. When asked whether he identifies with the Tea Party during tonight's WMUR debate, Guinta responded, "I'm an American ... this notion of labeling every single Republican a Tea Partier is ridiculous."

Guinta now accuses those who point out his Tea Party history of "name-calling." It appears that the Congressman now considers "Tea Partier" an embarrassing title, even as he stays true to their extremist anti-government principles.

"Congressman Guinta's misrepresentations about his political affiliations and ideology are plainly ridiculous," said Naomi Andrews, campaign manager for the Carol Shea-Porter campaign. "He underestimates his constituents if he thinks they can't remember what he was up to two years ago and in the two years he’s been in office voting with his Tea Party colleagues. They’ve been called the ‘worst Congress ever’ and try as he might to throw away the tea cup, he is part of that disaster."



      Guinta: "I'm not a Tea Partier" at North Conway debate:

      Guinta: "Don't tread on me," at Dover Tea Party rally:

      Guinta: "They" want to "take our freedoms and take our liberties," at Portsmouth Tea Party rally: