YRNH - Andrew Hosmer And Ray Buckley Stoop To New Unseen Lows In Partisan Politics of Personal Destruction

Concord, NH – Today New Hampshire Young Republican Chairman David Hurst issued the following statement in regards to a political hit piece aimed at District 7 Senate Candidate Josh Youssef.
Today citizens of New Hampshire Senate District 7 woke up to find a disgusting political hit piece in their mailbox that takes politics to a new low in New Hampshire.  The hit piece put out by the New Hampshire Democrats signed off by Chairman Ray Buckley and on behalf of Andrew Hosmer had a picture of a beaten woman with a black eye and bruises on her face with text that reads “Josh Youssef Thinks Domestic Abuse… Is Her Fault”. 
This is a complete and reckless mischaracterization of the facts and Josh’s position which is to provide funding for domestic violence prevention, ensure that our law enforcement is adequately equipped to prosecute abusers, and to provide education and counseling services to break the cycle of violence.  This piece makes it clear that Ray Buckley and Andrew Hosmer think beaten women are tools to use for political gain.  I am asking Chairman Ray Buckley to issue a person apology to the voters of District 7 and Josh Youssef for a blatant lie.
 I am asking Andrew Hosmer to clarify, if he is willing to campaign using these personally destructive tactics how can he govern for all the citizens of New Hampshire. If Andrew Hosmer has any honor as a man he should distance himself from this despicable act immediately.  I am calling upon Josh Youssef to seek legal action against Ray Buckley and the New Hampshire Democrats.  These types of personal attacks don’t belong in New Hampshire political discourse and I ask the voters to reject these partisan attacks and vote for Josh Youssef on November 6th.
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Front Image From Political Hit Piece.