Political Headlines - November 30, 2012



  • Cahill defends lottery ad drive: Former state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill defended himself against charges that he illegally used publicly funded lottery ads to boost his run for governor. Globe politics reporter Michael Levenson details.


  • Menino eager to return to City Hall: In his first interview since more than a month in the hospital, Mayor Thomas M. Menino didn't address his political future. Globe politics reporter Andrew Ryan covers.


  • Business leaders not bullish on mayoral raceHow likely is it that a business leader with no prior experience in elective office will emerge in Boston? And who are the credible contenders? Globe columnist Lawrence Harmon writes.


  •  Filibuster reform could fix a dysfunctional Senate: By reducing opportunities for partisan obstruction, filibuster reform may actually encourage the kind of bipartisan engagement the minority leader now professes to value. Globe columnist Scot Lehigh explains.


  • Elizabeth Warren's private agony: The senator-elect suffered the misery of ever loving a dog when Otis, her virtually inseparable companion, died five days before she made history in Massachusetts. Globe columnist Brian McGrory elaborates.