Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Tax of the Day: #65

Manchester, NH – One thing all Granite Staters can agree on is that we love to enjoy the great outdoors.  It’s ironic, then, that State Senator Maggie Hassan views camping as just another thing to tax.  Her vote to re-define campsites as ‘hotels,’ thereby making them taxable, is a Saturday special edition of “Maggie’s Tax of the Day” for November 3, 2012.
As a part of her 2009 budget, one that on its own raised or created 33 taxes and fees, Sen. Hassan voted to add campsites to the definition of ‘hotels’ – as hotels! – making Granite State campgrounds subject to the rooms and meals tax – literally taxing the ground New Hampshire tourists and campers sleep on.
Now, as she tries to run for governor as a fiscally responsible moderate, she is hiding from her tax and spend record that hurt a quintessential Granite State industry in the midst of a tough economy, saying would veto a campground tax if one was presented to her.  The voters of New Hampshire know better to believe that sort of campaign trail flip-flop.
Background: As a state Senator:
Maggie Hassan supported defining campsites as ‘hotels’ to make camping taxable while simultaneously raising the rooms and meals tax (YEA on HB2, 6/24/09).