CEI - Would a soda ban make D.C. thinner?

Should Washington, DC impose a New York-style Bloomberg soda ban?  There's an effort in the D.C. Council to make that happen, which CEI's Michelle Minton describes in the Washington Examiner.  Minton criticizes the nanny-state implications of this sort of government control and disputes the claim that limiting the size of sugary drinks will do anything to reduce obesity.  And many of us are concerned that this ill-founded policy will spread to other cities.

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Would a soda ban make D.C. thinner?

Michelle Minton
OpEd Contributor
The Washington Examiner

First, it was Mayor Michael Bloomberg telling New Yorkers what's good for them by banning large sodas. Is a Bloomberg-style schoolmarm mentality now coming to the nation's capital?

A formal proposal has yet to be introduced, but people living and working in the city should keep an eye on D.C. Council members who have said they would like to have a New York City-style ban on large sugary drinks. As experience shows, bans and taxes in this vein do little or nothing to alter consumer behavior, and stretch the definition of government's legitimate role.

At a recent debate, Councilmen Michael Brown and Vincent Orange said they supported limiting the size of sugary drinks in D.C., along the lines of the measure adopted in New York City this year. Councilwoman Mary Cheh also supported the idea. Lawmakers who promote such "nudging" policies argue that they're not taking away choices, but merely shaping consumers' "choice environment." After all, obesity is a crisis and everyone knows soda is a major cause, right?

Not exactly. There is no consensus among researchers about the link between soda consumption and obesity. Many studies have come out asserting a strong link between sugary beverages and weight gain, whereas others have shown either a weak link or no link at all. > Read the full commentary at Washingtonexaminer.com

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