Public Policy Polling Media Alert: Obama leads by 2 in Iowa and New Hampshire

PPP's final polls of the 2012 election cycle in Iowa and New Hampshire find Barack Obama with identical 50-48 leads. These small advantages for Obama are consistent with what PPP's found since the first Presidential debate- 5 Iowa polls have produced an average Obama lead of 1.8 points and 3 New Hampshire polls have produced an average Obama lead of a single point.

In Iowa Obama's already built up a large lead among people who participated in the early voting period, 61/39. Romney's up 56/41 with people planning to cast their ballots on election day but he'll need to win by an even wider margin than that if he's going to take the state.

Obama's leading in Iowa thanks particularly to strong support from independents (51/43) and women (52/46). He trails 53/45 with seniors but is winning with every other age group.

In New Hampshire the candidates are tied with independents but Obama has the slight overall advantage because he's winning over 9% of Republicans while just 4% of Democrats are planning to vote for Romney. Just as in Iowa Obama's relying on strong support from women (54/45) and winning across most of the age spectrum.

Democrat Maggie Hassan is looking like the favorite to be the next Governor of New Hampshire. For the second week in a row we find her with a 4 point lead over Ovide Lamontagne- the breakdown this time is 51/47. Voters have a positive opinion of Hassan (44/39) while Lamontagne is quite unpopular (40/46). Hassan's winning 51/46 with independents and taking 11% of Republicans to Lamontagne's 5% of Democrats.

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