RNC - Union Leader Endorses Romney

In case you missed the front page of the Union Leader today, the paper has endorsed Mitt Romney—the candidate who is the “clear choice” for New Hampshire. Mitt Romney will change the nation’s course, get us to a balanced budget, create jobs and deliver more take-home pay. Under Mitt Romney, Real Change will begin on Day One.

Choices Are Clear -- Lamontagne, Romney

Union Leader


November 3, 2012 11:35PM



Some people don't pay much attention to elections. They should. The choices to be made Tuesday will have a great effect on our state and nation, not only for us now, but also for our children and grandchildren for decades to come.

It is too often said, but this really is a very important election. Nationally, we will have either four more years of deficit spending and government expansion under President Obama and Joe Biden, or at least the chance of restoring the economy and reining in the government under Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. We think the right choice is Romney-Ryan.

Without reservation, here in New Hampshire our choice for governor is Ovide Lamontagne. His opponent is being bankrolled by national leftist elements who want desperately to control this state. They and Maggie Hassan are so desperate that they are using any trick possible to smear attorney Lamontagne.

Their problem is that people in Manchester and throughout New Hampshire, prominent Democrats as well as Republicans, know Lamontagne. Women like Nancy Formella, former head of Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, and former House Speaker Donna Sytek, along with state Board of Education members who have served with him, have been outraged by the attacks.

Meanwhile, Lamontagne has kept his cool and focused on the real issues - jobs and the economy - and he is determined to use his business expertise and positive outlook to help New Hampshire out of its fiscal hole and restore its business-friendly advantage. New Hampshire is fortunate that he has stepped forward.

The choices are clear, and important. Please make yours count.

-- Joseph McQuaid