AFP - Days to Remember

Our Obama's Failing Agenda bus was leaving Green Bay, Wisconsin after a door to door blitz and rally that had over 500 fired up activists in a truly electric atmosphere on Saturday when I saw a great t-shirt worn by a burly worker from a Johnsonville Brats plant that said, "Al Gore:  He didn't invent the internet but he did make up global warming."   

Earlier in the morning in Sheboygan (on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan) another massive crowd cheered and then participated in one of the biggest Freedom Phone banks we've had in the state!  I watched as one Dad worked the phones with his two teenage daughters and it made me miss my own 14 year old gal.  Afterward he told me that he first joined AFP by attending one of our "Hands off my Health Care" rallies back in 2009. I’ve included some Wisconsin photos at the end of this email.

Friday evening with our great AFP Wisconsin state director, Luke Hilgemann, we walked door to door in Wauwatosa -- Governor Scott Walker's working class neighborhood -- with a bunch of our AFP activists until past dark.  Then, we hit Gilly's for frozen custard and hamburgers -- gotta stay hydrated out on the road! 

And, it's not just Wisconsin where this grassroots army you're part of is winning on the ground. 

Friday morning in Sharonville, Ohio (north Cincy suburbs) almost 100 AFP activists in two shifts piled into our vans and fanned out into key neighborhoods to talk with folks yet again.  Two ladies I walked with run a hair salon and literally closed down their business for the day because according to Sue "My country is more important than just my business."  At field offices across Ohio AFP ended up deploying hundreds upon hundreds of activists across the Buckeye State Friday and they're grinding straight through tonight. Check out some photos from the Ohio action at the bottom.  

Out in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada our AFP state director, Adam Stryker, led over 400 grassroots activists in door to door blitzes reminding citizens of how the Obama\Harry Reid economic agenda has that great state's economy at the very bottom of key national rankings. 

Last week our AFP Oklahoma state director, Stuart Jolly, led over 100 Okies on an overnight bus ride to Colorado where they poured off buses at 9am and went straight to knocking on doors in the Denver suburbs with our massive Colorado operation led by Jeff Crank. 

Today in the Philadelphia suburbs, our Pennsylvania activists welcomed Steve Lonegan (our AFP New Jersey state director) and dozens of Jersey folks as they piled off buses.  Right now, this combined force of freedom fighters is sweeping thousands of households in a state crucial to our nation's future.  Our AFP Pennsylvania state director, Jennifer Stefano, told me that unions and the national media are "utterly stunned" by the depth of our grassroots energy there.       

Remember when most students were swept up in "Obamamania?"  Well, they've seen the devestating results of his policies on their futures and things have changed.  Today I spoke with students from both Virginia Tech and Liberty University in my home state who told me how instead of relaxing over their recent fall break, they knocked on doors and manned our Freedom Phone banks here in Northern Virginia.  Our future with this next generation is bright.

We're taking on the Left on the ground in an arena they used to dominate, but no more.  Eight years ago when I was planning to move to D.C. to work with AFP one of our board members told me to move near the airport not near Washington because "what we're going to build we're going to build from the road."  As usual, he was right. 

You can be so proud to be on the same team with these grassroots activists. Just like you, they are sacrificing for the cause of economic freedom.  Like you, they're taking time away from families, jobs, church and synagogue, community volunteering and so much more.  One lady in Lynchburg, Virginia told me she knew her husband was serious about this AFP thing when he knocked on doors two straight Saturdays this fall instead of going deer hunting!      

One day you and I will be able to look back with pride and satisfaction on the difference we made.

One day, we'll be able to tell our children and grandchildren about our dedicated work at a critical time for our nation.

But, that one day is not yet here.  For now, we keep fighting.  And, that's exactly what we're doing.



PS:  You can still do your part.  Click here to join our Freedom Phone banks.  We will make sure you're calling the right folks in the most important states. 

Lastly, I'd love to hear your most memorable moment of grassroots activism in from this fall.  Click here to send me an email about your most memorable grassroots moment.

Door knocking teams assemble in Reno, NV

Some of the activists being briefed before going door-to-door

Van loads of activists heading out for dor knocking in Sheboygan as Fox News looks on

Sharonville, OH phone banking

AFP crowd in Green Bay, WI