Lamontagne For Governor - Maggie's Tax of the Day: #66


Manchester, NH – Looking back at Sen. Hassan’s record has been a costly reminder of how much better off taxpayers have been since New Hampshire voters gave Sen. Hassan a pink slip in 2010.  ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ #65 highlights yet another burden Senator Hassan leveled on small business owners.

The failed 2009 budget, which Sen. Hassan is proud to have backed from beginning to end, included a provision that subjected limited liability companies (LLCs) to the interests and dividends tax based on their profits.  For the first time in New Hampshire’s history, a segment of our population was subject to an income tax, courtesy of Sen. Maggie Hassan.  What’s worse, she instituted this tax without the benefit of a public hearing, contrary to her pledge for open and transparent government.

This is yet another tax that Sen. Hassan can’t seem to own up to.  Much like her flip-flop on a campsite tax, Hassan claimed in a recent debate that she would veto an LLC tax – but she's already proven otherwise.  Sen. Hassan is clearly hoping that Granite Staters will forget her starring role in the 2009 budget’s $300 million shortfall, $800 million structural deficit, and dozens of new taxes and fees.

Background: As a state Senator:

Maggie Hassan supported creating a small business income tax (YEA on HB2, 6/24/09).