CEI Today: Billboards, free speech & voter fraud, Obama's union bailout, and Alabama's secret ballot vote


Openmarket.org: Government Pressure to Remove Billboards Against Voter Fraud Is Not “Market Forces”


Earlier, I wrote about illogical but widespread claims (found on Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and elsewhere) that billboards noting “Voter Fraud Is a Felony” were illegal voter intimidation or suppression, and explained why those billboards were constitutionally protected speech. (Putting aside the legalities, why would anyone even object to “suppressing” a fraudulent, illegal vote, such as a repeat voter who dilutes the votes of valid voters, or someone who steals their identity?)

In response, a commenter exulted in the fact that the billboard company, Clear Channel, took down the billboards under political pressure, writing that the billboards were “malicious messages” and defending the billboards’ removal by saying “that only market forces” were “brought to bear. Now, everyone knows that voting is a right, not a crime!”  But illegal voting can be a crime, such as the fraudulent votes cast by former Maryland Congressional candidate Wendy Rosen. > Read the full commentary at Openmarket.org


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Money News: Auto Dealer Jobs Shafted by Obama Bailouts

In praising his bailouts of Chrysler and General Motors, President Barack Obama said recently in Toledo, Ohio, “I refused to walk away from those workers. I bet on those workers.”
But “those workers” he bet on were largely those who belonged to the United Auto Workers (UAW). The Obama bailout specifically bet against non-UAW workers in manufacturing plants and at auto dealers. The end result was that the bailout actually killed thousands more jobs than it saved. > Read more: Obama Bailouts Shafted Jobs at Auto Dealers

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Openmarket.org: Alabama Unions Vs. Privacy: Organized Labor’s War On The Secret Ballot


Tomorrow, Alabamans will have the opportunity to enshrine the secret ballot into their state constitution. A proposal before voters called Amendment 7 would “provide that the right of individuals to vote for public office, public votes on referenda, or voters on employee representation by secret ballot is fundamental.”

Union leaders are not happy. As Al Henley, president of the Alabama AFL-CIO says the measure, “is strictly to prevent unions [from] organizing.”

It doesn’t make it any harder for unions to organize. What it does is ensure union officials don’t know whether any individual worker prefers to unionize or not.  >View the full commentary on Openmarket.org

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute is proud to announce a new ambitious film project: an animated adaptation of I, Pencil by Leonard Read.

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