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FreeKeeneNews - Democrats Fail At Preventing Free Stater's Re-Election 

Warden Wins Re-election Despite Targeting by National Democrats

The Free State Project is vindicated.  Mark Warden, a Free State Project early mover, has been re-elected! As I reported on Free Keene recently, Warden was targeted for defeat by democrats in a national campaign to win two key races in NH:

The race matters, wrote the DLCC (Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee), because the outcome could indicate whether the state’s Republican-leaning districts are in play this cycle and if the Free State Project has staying power.

Well, I guess the FSP has staying power! According to the AP, Warden won re-election in a district where the libertarian candidate got an amazing 23% of the vote in a three-way-race. Warden probably would have done better without the libertarian candidate in the race, but still handily won with 42% compared to the democrat's 35%. Other Free Staters won statewide including Mike Sylvia in Belmont and Joel Winters and Emily Sandblade in Manchester. Check Seth Cohn's election results post for more!

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