Political Headlines - November 8, 2012

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Here are the top political headlines from today:

  • Obama seeks the seeds of solutions: The war in Afghanistan has not ended. Iran remains a threat. The economy is still struggling. The federal debt still exists. And bitter divisions continue. Globe politics reporter Brian MacQuarrie details.  
  • Warren's challenge: how quickly to roll up sleeves: Some of Elizabeth Warren's strongest supporters want her to be a vocal and visible champion of liberal causes in the US Senate. Globe politics reporters Noah Bierman and Michael Levenson look ahead.



  • Menino's machine hummed for Warren: Mayor Thomas M. Menino's get-out-the-vote expertise cranked out the largest turnout in Boston since 1964. Three out of every four ballots went for Elizabeth Warren. Globe politics reporter Andrew Ryan elaborates.


  • GOP hints of dealing to avert fiscal cliff: House Speaker John Boehner offered the president a faint framework of a deal to avoid a "fiscal cliff," suggesting Republicans could accept "new revenue." Globe Washington bureau reporter Bobby Caina Calvan and bureau deputy chief Michael Kranish cover.


  • How Brown lost support from women: By insulting Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown insulted every woman who had to scratch and fight to prove her worth, and her right to an equal seat at the table with men. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi writes.


  • Expensive lessons of 2012:

    Even if your cause or candidate tanked, the obscene, untold billions spent assaulting voters' senses yielded generous helpings of the absurd. Globe Metro columnist Yvonne Abraham elaborates.