Political Headlines - November 9, 2012

  • Elizabeth Warren holds back with reporters: The senator-­elect brushed aside several questions, including ones about the looming "fiscal cliff," in her first official press conference after winning. Globe politics reporters Noah Bierman and Michael Levenson recap.



  • Elizabeth Warren a woman of few words: The people of Massachusetts want their senator to be open and honest about the issues on everyone's mind, discretion be damned. Globe Metro columnist Brian McGrory elaborates.


  • Asian-Americans backed Obama overwhelmingly: Asian-American voters backed President Obama more strongly than either women or Latinos, two groups widely credited with his reelection. Globe correspondent Callum Borchers and reporter Alan Wirzbicki detail.


  • Some would welcome going over fiscal cliff: For all the gloom and doom about a looming fiscal cliff of expiring tax cuts and slashes in government spending, there's a faint chorus that asserts: Let it happen. Globe politics reporter Bobby Caina Calvan writes.

  • Ballots are fodder for social media updates: The social media announcement is the new "I voted" sticker. More than 1 in 5 registered voters shared or planned to share their votes with social media pals. Globe reporter Beth Teitell covers.