FreeKeeneNews - Election Officials Illegally Confiscate Fliers from Voters in Keene’s Ward 4

Video Reveals Illegal Voter Oppression at Keene's Ward 4

Poll workers caught snatching informational fliers from voters' hands.  Liberty activists handing out quarter-page fliers advocating for libertarian candidates Ian Freeman and Darryl Perry were targeted in a sneaky manner by election officials.  When voters would enter the building the poll workers would tell them it was illegal for them to have the flyer and then snatch it from them and throw it away.  Hearing this from an exiting voter, I investigated and found the claim to be true.

See the video here.

Despite the "Department of Justice" sending an agent down to ostensibly correct the Ward 4 staff, the behavior continued later, as we also documented in the video.  The clueless ward moderator claimed she was too busy to properly educate her volunteer "greeters" (enforcers) on the law, which she herself did not know.

As a result, countless voters had their rights oppressed by officious bureaucrats who made the law up on the spot.  We documented and called them on it and the behavior continued.  Apparently they were pulling out all the stops to prevent the libertarians from getting as many votes as possible.

The DOJ is aware of this situation but don't expect any actual consequences to come to these government workers.  Odds are they'll be back at it next time, too.