Townhall Daily - November 09 - Michelle Malkin, Brent Bozell, John Ransom, Jonah Goldberg, David Limbaugh and More

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin:
The Hope-a-Nomics Disaster: One Company's Horror Story
Brent Bozell Brent Bozell:
Hollywood Won 2012?
John Ransom John Ransom:
Government Lite or Government Big Gulp
Jonah Goldberg Jonah Goldberg:
A Victory for Creatures of the State
David Limbaugh David Limbaugh:
Time for Introspection, but Not Surrender
Mona Charen Mona Charen:
One Big Failure
Urgent Alert: Back in 1981, did the American Cancer Society drop the ball on a bona fide cancer CURE?
Independent research shows pain vanishes within 12-36 hours… tumors dry up within weeks… the potential to save millions of lives every year. So where were the ticker tape parades… the triumphant headlines… the shiny Nobel Prizes? It’s a story some interested parties desperately hoped you would never hear. But today, the truth has come to light on a most astonishing cover-up. Full story here…
Oliver North Oliver North:
Answer the Questions
Lisa De Pasquale Lisa De Pasquale:
Occupy the Media: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them
Pat Buchanan Pat Buchanan:
Is the GOP Headed for the Boneyard?
Suzanne Fields Suzanne Fields:
The Winning Campaign Advice
Linda Chavez Linda Chavez:
GOP Folly
Matt Towery Matt Towery:
Romney's Loss -- It's Not the Asphalt
Donald Lambro Donald Lambro:
Obama's Reelection Means Four More Years of the Same
Donald Lambro Donald Lambro:
Barack Obama and the Politcs of Character Assassination
Kyle Olson Kyle Olson:
Irony Alert: Teachers Union Hosts Party at National Crime Museum
Charles Payne Charles Payne:
The Damn Will Break Soon
Diana West Diana West:
The High Road Led Straight to Defeat for Romney
Maggie Gallagher Maggie Gallagher:
What This Election Means
Fritz Pfister Fritz Pfister:
Sore Loser? Darned Straight
Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock:
Explosion in Uncovered Employment During the "Recovery"
Night Watch Night Watch:
Ayatollah Chastises Obama
Heidi Harris Heidi Harris:
What Did You Expect from Short Term Thinkers?
Bill Tatro Bill Tatro:
Little Things Make up Character
Crystal Wright Crystal Wright:
Republicans Got the Shellacking We Deserve
Stewart Scott Stewart Scott:
The Real 'El Chapo'
Frank Pastore Frank Pastore:
Washington Is On The Path to Athens